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Job Perks

This is great…

At my job, I send out packages thru DHL Express. (Formally Airborne Express) Each package, as you can guess, has a tracking number. The computer assigns these numbers to the packages and about once every year, the computer runs out of numbers and you have to 'Add Numbers To The Computer'

A message pops up on the DHL's computer and tell you to add numbers and call this number: 1-800-I-AM-HELP. So my co-worker (It's Guy, for those of you who really know me well...) turns on the speaker phone to get help around the room and it's now a porno phone number.

DHL has given us a porno line to call when I need help with their equipment.

Go ahead. Call it. You won't get charged.

Funny huh? How am I supposed to mail out these packages when DHL Express's number if their help line is an adult phone line? Now I've got to tell my boss this as well.

Also: I am trying to figure out what the new words spell out. Any ideas?

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