As you know...

Today opens "Bayformers: Revenge Of The Plotless"

Ed McMahon also died. So I ask who are the lucky ones?

But let's take a walk down memory lane:

Spielbay #1: The Introduction

Spielbay #2: The Concept

Spielbay #3: The Viewing

Spielbay #4: The Falling Out

Spielbay #5: The Dream

John and I are sorry that we were not able to get a "2nd Season" of Spielbay here on time. Timing, jobs, kids and life slowed us down...But I'm sure we will be back...Maybe for the DVD release? Maybe for G.I. Joe.? Spielbay will get you when you least expect it.

But give up the love and please post this where ever Bayformers is being talked about. Or just plain post it where ever you can to get riots started!

We thank you!
Team Spielbay!

Stand By For Ulcers!

Questionable Work-Safe Words Spoken Here...

Suddenly, Jar-Jar Binks seems pretty cool...

EDIT: The little pile of CGI trash is named "Wheelie". Anyone who knows anything about Transformers knows that Wheelie is an Autobot. But it appears he's a Decepticon. After all, Bay cannot be bothered with such details!